Does your group or organization need funding?


Our partners name the ills of racial capitalism and strategize to confront it with their work.


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Kolibri is here to align with your organization’s vision and offer support whether you need funds to get started or to sustain your work. We are committed to spend down our assets and resources to amplify BIPOC movements at the intersections of gender, race, or economic justice that center healing and ending violence. We imagine philanthropy as a transformative experience that extends beyond financial contribution to and promotes dynamic ally ships that are, aligned within our spiritual and political imperatives., We strive to solidifying structures that will have an impact beyond the lifespan of the foundation and, leaving behind field-wide resources of knowledge, new funding streams, and most importantly people willing to be transformed in service of liberation human capital.
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Funding intended for grassroots and regional organizations. These grants are offered to groups that are frequently overlooked for other funding opportunities due to their size, political beliefs, or a lack of understanding of their work. Through community-centered strategies and organizing tactics, these formations are assisting in the development of local power and community change efforts.