Board of Directors

Alicia Sanchez Gill (she/ella)



Alicia Sanchez Gill (she/ella) is a queer, AfroBoricua, survivor, and new(ish) mama, for whom this work is not theoretical. Her organizing superpowers are experimenting with new tactics, facilitating hard conversations, making sure everyone has snacks, developing strategies, listening deeply, resource matchmaking, creating the google doc and building relationships. She is deeply connected to local and national movement spaces and has done everthing from crisis intervention with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, to sex worker-led and abolitionist organizing and HIV/DV housing advocacy. She knows we can organize ourselves into freedom and is thrilled to help ensure that those on the frontlines have the support they need to build power and transform our world and ourselves in the process. No matter which orbit she’s organizing in, she knows that other survivors and sex workers are always her best teachers.