Chi-ante Jones (she/her)


Woman with a headwrap and glasses with a joyful smile. The image has a monochrome filter with a green background.


Chi-Ante Jones (Co-Director) (she/her) is a proud scholar and Queer Black Feminist. As a Spelman College graduate, her love for Black Queer Feminsit theory blossomed into a career focused on creating and supporting Black Liberation spaces globally. Chi-Ante has worked as a southern organizer and donor strategist for many organizations including Solidaire Network, Youth Engagement Fund, Girls Inc. and Neighborhood Funders Group. Through her work, Chi-Ante has supported communities of color across the South to have access to resources and develop strategies focused on building political power, making long term systems change and building transformative relationships between donors and grassroots organizers. Chi-Ante is the co-founder of Cypress Fund and the Grove Action Fund, organizer collaboratives and political homes for donors focused on building people power throughout the Carolinas. Bringing together donors, organizers, and community leaders across race and class, the Funds build relationships and grassroots power by putting decision making in the hands of trusted organizers to fund organizing in their communities and by shifting the organizing landscape through donor organizing and education.