Board of Directors

Eileen Farbman (she/her)


Woman with neck length dark hair wearing animal print shirt, smiling looking directly at the camera. The image has a monochrome filter with an orange background.


Eileen Farbman (she/her) is a fierce defender and advocate of all women and girls. She has focused her life on issues facing women, from domestic violence to human trafficking. For many years, she facilitated support groups for survivors of DV at My Sister’s Place as well as worked with incarcerated families to support children of incarcerated parents and caregivers to help co-parents and other supports.As she got closer to the problems and saw families navigate the prison and other systems, she began to realize how the systems were stacked against communities of color, particularly Black communities, and that nonprofit leadership usually did not come from communities they were serving. With this knowledge, her giving shifted to fund gender justice with a strong focus on movement building and advancing racial justice led by Black women and other women of color. Eileen currently is the President of the Kolibri Foundation, and partners with the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), as part of the 10×10 Campaign. Eileen has spent her life on Lenape land in New York City.