Man with a short salt and peppered beard wearing a dark colored button up shirt looking directly at the camera with a subtle smile.


Roberto Tijerina (Co-Director) (el/he/him) is a queer, Latino, first-generation child of immigrants, organizer and keeper of the heart-space. Since becoming politicized in his childhood by interpreting for his community, Roberto has worked as an organizer connecting his queer, immigrant, multilingual experience to broader racial, economic, and gender justice movements.  His experience includes working for Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Highlander Research and Education Center, the Audre Lorde Project, and Southerners on New Ground (SONG).  Learning at the feet of many and by doing the work, he has helped to develop a Language Justice frame that informs current movement work. He understands organizational finance and operations work as both political and as organizing work. His political north star has always been the question “Are you willing to be transformed in the service of the work?”, and he is excited for that possibility as he steps into resource redistribution work.